Build dating healthy mating relating relationship

But, when you are missing the fundamentals (which are not taught by most parents, teachers or even psychologists), these relationships end in failure.

For some time now, my wife Hope and I have wanted to create a world-class romantic relationship course to solve this problem.

Dating, Mating, and Relating provides the help and proven techniques that will enable readers, whether male or female, single or married, gay or straight to relate lovingly, intimately, and lastingly.

” This is the nearly universal consensus of those who have not discovered how long-term romance really works.

We can approach relationships with caution or dive right in.

Numerous clients have at one point or another sat on my couch with tears in their eyes because they wanted to find a partner but didn’t know how. Once they did, however, each and every one of them found someone.

Some of these couples have gone on to get married, and most all are still together.

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Using an even-handed, non-judgmental approach, this book is more than just a guide to getting along better with a significant other'.

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