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JOHN CUSACK: Sophomore year of high school, a girl who will go nameless, but who I was pretty sure I was going out with, spent a Friday night making out with a well-known school bad boy after drinking a whole bunch of Bacardi. ELLE: Did you at least get to fly into a satisfying rage and dump a Slurpee on her? JC: I remember once acting really cool on a bus with this girl named Stephanie.

When I got home, I realized that I had a really big zit on my forehead.

It’s pretty annoying that people are still spread rumors about Jodi and John and even think that they are married.

I must careful what I write about Jodi her datings, because I don’t want to make Jodi pissed again.

Finally, let's not even put a price tag on what Cusack taught us as High Fidelity's Rob Gordon about the subtle art of the mixtape.

2004 - 2004Rebecca Romijn and John Cusack were rumored to be an item after she announced her separation from hubby John Stamos in 2004.

—the one with not-so-reformed shoplifter Winona Ryder on the cover—profiles Hillary Clinton's traveling chief-of-staff Huma Abedin, in an article that both reveals more and says less about Abedin than the helpfully points out, was done without Abedin's cooperation.) Abedin comes across as an incredibly effective, stylish, attractive, über-woman without whom her boss would be lost. ("Some of the most famous names in America." Mmkay!

There's this telling bit when the writer, Rebecca Johnson, is allowed to look at Abedin's Black Berry—but only if she agrees not to write who's in it.

In 2013 Jodi and John where spotted together in a restaurant somewhere in Los Angeles.

One of the comments I read on one of the photos came from a russian website where they placed my photos : “Jody and some homeless , which she picked up on the street and led to the cafe to eat.

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