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As we get older, our choices of potential mates are often limited by where we live and work, our spiritual and recreational interests..fix-ups from friends or relatives.

Online dating brings together people who share similar interests, age ranges and beliefs, but who might never meet by chance.

Senior dating sites are often considered to be for singles over 40 years old, looking for love online.

As you get older, the opportunities to meet singles diminishes for many reasons: people are already in long term relationships, less social circles and places to meet people and even a stigma around dating younger singles.

It has a huge database of seniors in the US and Canada, and is under the umbrella of dating companies, so you are assured high quality and security.

You can read our full review of Senior People Meet.

Senior Passions is an excellent website for senior singles who are looking out for their ‘dream partners’.

This awesome dating platform also lets you personalize your search based on your interests and tastes.

We’ve gone over the pros and cons of the site and even have some real user ratings to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

2) If you’re from the UK, NZ or Australia, you will want to try the Dating Agency which has a huge focus on senior dating.

Senior Passions comes with a couple of unique and innovative features.

One of them is the personalized search that lets you search for singles classified by your interest groups.

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You can browse innumerable photos, upload your own photos, send messages, participate in the forum discussions and even check out some awesome dating related videos from the site.

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